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Fathom Support

Using the Library


At the top right of the library page you will find a button labeled with your username. Clicking this button will reveal links to your profile, dashboard, the support page, and the home page, as well as providing you with the option to log out.

Filtering your Library

You can easily filter your library to only show books that are relevant to what you are looking for at the time by using the filter button found at the top of the library page.
Books can be filtered based on their publisher, languages, genre, and more! To remove a filter simply click the "x" that appears next to the filter after it has been added.
Searching can be done using the search button which is located at the top of the library page. Simply enter a title, author, subject, or keyword to display results.

Book Activities

Some books have additional activities associated with them such as digital coloring pages or jigsaw puzzles. These can be access from the More button on the library page or directly from the book itself.

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