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Teacher Dashboard

Teacher Dashboard Overview

The Fathom teacher dashboard will be accessible to anyone who has the teacher role associated with their Fathom account. This dashboard will give you information related to the your classes and students and allow you to manage class related data.


The classes widget provides a list of all classes that are associated with your account. Screenshot of the class widget

Add a Class

To add a class, click Add Class located at the top right of the Classes widget. You will be prompted with a popup window. The class name and teacher are required to create the class. Optionally, you can also input the grade, subject, and section for the class. Once you are done, click save and you will now see the newly added class listed in the class widget.


The roster widget provides a list of everyone that is associated with your school.
Screenshot of the class widget

Adding a User

To add a new user to your school's roster, click + Add User in the top right of the Roster widget. This will bring up the add user popup. Fill out all of the required information and click Save to add the user to your school roster.

Enrolling a Student

Once a student has been added to your school roster, you can enroll them in a class. Select the Enroll Student button in the top right of the Roster widget. This will bring up the enroll student popup. From here you can select the class that you would like to associate the user with in the top left of the popup. Find the student you would like to enroll in the list and check the Enroll box on the left side of the table. Once you press Save Changes the student will be associated with the selected class.

Importing a Student

Fathom Reads supports roster imports from Google Classroom, Clever, Canvas, ClassLink, Schoolology and Microsoft Education. You can also import students via an excel document. Please view our rostering & LMS integrations support page to view tutorials on how to import from each respective service at our rostering & LMS Integrations support page.

If you use a service that we don't currently support, please reach out to us at our support team to inquire about having support for that service added.


The assignments section can be accessed from the top right of your Teacher Dashboard. You can assign students to read a book, record videos of themselves reading, or generate custom tasks for them to complete using the assignments system.

Creating an Assignment

To create an assignment, visit the Upcoming Assignments widget located in the top right corner of your Teacher Dashboard. Click Add Assignment to create a new assignment. You will be prompted with a popup where you need to fill in details such as the assignment title, description, and type. You can also associate this assignment with a specific class or student(s) and set a due date if necessary. Finally, click Save to create and send the assignment to the respective student(s) or class(es).


The quizzes page provides a list of all quizzes that are avaliable to the teachers in your school. You can access the quizzes page by selecting Quizzes and Questions from the left navigation bar. Screenshot of multilingual quizzes

Adding a quiz

To add a quiz, visit the Quizzes section of your Teacher Dashboard. Once there, press Create a Quiz, give your quiz a title and search for the corresponding eBook. You can then choose to create your own questions, or pick and choose from a list of questions from our database. Once you have added the desired questions, click Submit to save your quiz.


The statistics section will give you a preview of useful data associated with your classes By default you will see reading time for your classes. You can also view other statistics such as the number of times a book has been opened, the number of quizzes taken, and more by clicking the View All button at the top right of the statistics widget.
Screenshot of the data graphs

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