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Using the Student Dashboard

Sceenshot of the dashboard

Dashboard Modules

Each dashboard is split into separate sections called modules. Modules contain information such as data graphs, quiz grades, or a list of students. The modules that are displayed will depend on the type of user you are.

Ebooks Module

Sceenshot of the class module
The Ebooks module provides a list of all Ebooks that the student is currently reading. Students can easily track their reading progress using the percent viewed column and see the total amount of time they have spent reading each book.

Quizzes Module

Sceenshot of the class module
Students can view quizzes that have been assigned to them by their teacher using the quizzes module. Students can easily view the quiz due date, number of questions, their grade if the quiz has been taken, and begin a quiz directly from the quizzes module.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is used to access the various areas of the Fathom dashboard. You can find the navigation bar on the left side of your screen. Here you can access your library, Fathom Chat, messages, support, and dashboard settings.

The navigation bar can be expanded or closed by using the toggle button at the bottom of the bar.

Top Navigation Bar

At the top right of the page you will see two buttons. The notifications bell will show you your most recent notifications. You will also see a button with your account name. Clicking this will allow you to access your profile or sign out of your account.

Dashboard Settings

You can make any tweaks to your dashboard in by selecting "Settings and Tools" from the Navigation bar. For a more detailed description of the settings offered, please refer to the dashboard documentation specific to your user type.

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